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Carpet Cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Our crew will first pre-clean any traffic areas or spots that you may have by applying our Pre- Kleen solution which has an additive to energize the breakdown of the dirty areas. Some specialty stains - Red Dyes, Yellowing, Browning, Mold, Mildew and various other trouble stains will require enzyme based chemicals which are described on our products page - All solutions are safe for children, pets and the environment

Next, we will move most furniture two feet in front of it's original position and give a dry dual stage extraction cleaning underneath and then replace each item as we work our way to the next step - we will move couches, loveseats, chairs, endtables, knick-knacks, etc. No very large items

Finally, we will use our Four-In-One Extraction Solution, a heavy-duty concentrated cleaner that is balanced to provide optimum cleaning along with our Matrix Samurai Extraction Machine which is equiped with with a 100 p.s.i. demand pump to provide the power needed for outstanding cleaning on even the dirtiest carpets and upholstery . Dual two stage vacuum motors produce an amazing 150" of waterlift to quickly and completely remove all traces of soil and detergent residue to give yor carpets or upholstery a deep down clean

Our Carpet Cleaning Equipment

The equipment and solutions that comprise the Cloud Nine Systems Cleaning Process have been evaluated individually not only by our staff, but also by the Consumer Testing Institute. They said, " Our research shows that separate preconditioning and extraction vaccuming, really removes dirt and keeps carpet looking better, longer."

Today, we've improved upon the cleaning process by adding an initial ( Pre-Kleen with Energizer, description below ) pre-conditioning as a standard step in our procedure, not just an added cost to our customers. Also we do not settle for a basic vacuuming, but instead use a Matrix Samurai Extraction Unit to thoroughly remove all traces of soil and detergent

The cleaning solutions that we use are all safe for pets, children, as well as the environment.

The following is a brief inventory of the equipment and solutions that we use in our standard carpet and upholstery processes. Keep in mind that in addition to these we also have extensive access to a vast supply of additional specialty solutions for various situations.


Prochem Stainless Steel Power Sprayer

Applies an even layer of our pre-conditioning enzyme to all the carpeting, but also allows for narrowing in on all heavily soiled traffic areas or stains.

Matrix Samurai Extraction Unit

A high powered psi. demand pump provides the power needed for outstanding cleaning on even the dirtiest carpets. Dual two-stage motors produce an amazing 150" of waterlift to quickly and completely remove all traces of soil and detergent residue.

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Cleaning Solutions


A powder enzyme pre-spray used to break soil down and free from carpeting.


An additive used in conjunction with Pre-Kleen to enhance colors and boost pre-conditioning power.


An extraction solution wich is certified as a complete wet-extraction carpet cleaning system. Four-In-One is balanced to provide optimum cleaning while coating the carpet fibers with a polymere ( Stain guard ), to protect against resoiling.

Specialty Chemicals

Yellow RX

Removes yellowing and browning discolorations on nylon, olefin, and many natural fiber carpets and upholstery.

Citrusolve Spotting Solution

A special citrus solvent blend that works tremendously on both oil and water based soils, old and new.

Bottom Line Pet Odor Eliminator

The most advanced pet odor removal product ever developed for use by professionals.

Impressions Upholstery Cleaning Concentrate

A deep cleaning solution formulated to remove soils, hair, and body oils from silk, cotton, velvets, and fine fabrics, even white or wool upholstery.